Buffet Crampon Saxophones

Buffet Saxophones

Buffet (or otherwise known as Buffet-Crampon) are a well known manufacturers of woodwind instruments and their Saxophones and Clarinets are of particular good reputation. A Buffet Crampon saxophone will be expensive but the quality and style are obvious when you hear the instruments sound.

A background on Buffet Crampon

Buffet Crampon started out in 1825 when a French luthier named Denis Buffet – Auger. He  set up his workshop in the middle of Paris and first started to create clarinets. Denis Buffet – Auger was the person to create the 13 key clarinet that is used worldwide today.

In 1830 Buffet – Auger’s son Jean Louis Buffet married Zoe Crampon and this is where the Buffet-Crampon name originated. After many years of Buffet-Crampon instruments being produced in Paris, the company was bought by the famous music printers Boosey & Hawkes of London. Production therefore moved to London, England.

Saxophones are a recent (within the last 100 years) addition to the Buffet Crampon family. Today Buffet Crampon have nine ranges of saxophones to choose from.

Types of Buffet Saxophones

There are several different sizes of saxophones and Buffet Crampon makes all the most common ones: Alto, Tenor and Baritone. Their best selling saxophone is the Alto Saxophone S3 which is also the cheapest. Because of the lower price this saxophone is popular with saxophone students buying a saxophone for the first time.

The best alto saxophone in the Buffet Crampon Saxophone collection however is the Alto Saxophone S3 PRESTIGE. The word ‘prestige’ is a word that Buffet Crampon use to describe all their top end instruments.

Buffet Crampon Alto Saxophone S3 PRESTIGE

This alto saxophone is made from copper, an expensive material for an instrument. The S3 PRESTIGE is an saxophone for professionals. The range of the instrument is from a low Eb to a high F#. The body is copper with special bored detailing.  With the range going up to a high F# there is an additional guard on the F# key. The keys are ergonomically shaped so they fit exactly into the curve of an average size hand. The thumb rest on the instrument is also designed to move so that the rest is there for genuine comfort.

A silver finish on the saxophone is available on request, this is a popular feature on all Buffet saxophones as it gives the instrument a distinctive edge.

For more information on Buffet Crampon saxophones visit the site:


Saxophones can be ordered to the UK and the US.

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